Audio Services

Audio services? I can help with that. Want a :05, :10, :15, :30 or :60 second audio commercial for Radio or TV commercial?  Can do. Radio commercials are my specialty. 40+ years in this great medium have taught me a lot. I can move the listener to respond with the right script and read. I use sound effects (SFX) if needed (since “Radio IS the ‘Theater of the Mind”) plus appropriate music. In today’s advertising arena, LESS IS MORE.

Back 15 or so years ago, advertisers thought that cramming lots of information into a Radio commercial was a great way to utilize their full 60 seconds of paid advertising. That was great back then. Why? Because back then, there weren’t digital billboards, social media, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. Keep your messages to 30 seconds or less. Key in on ONE IDEA. People are distracted every day by being bombarded with text messages, social media alerts driving, and seeing Billboards. They are quick to judge what message is being sent.  Once they hear your message within:07 seconds then they decide. ‘What is this, ‘Do I need this, ‘First I heard this message’. After the listener hears the message between 3 to 5 times they finally decide if it’s what they WANT. But not necessarily what they NEED. Remember, with audio commercial messages, not only does the message has to be directed to the targeted audience. but the way and how you say it brings the magic to a great return on investment. That’s if you have enough of the right amount of frequency. Listen to some of my audio samples HERE


TV Audio

TV audio is different than Radio. Why do you ask? Voice overs are more time-consuming because timing and syncing are the keys. V/O announcers must pay attention to the video and sync to the images while doing the read. It is the most important factor for a very successful TV spot. I’ve done it and would love to do your next one!

Whiteboard Animated Videos

Just getting started with this super awesome way of adding more instructional video content to your website. Video voice-overs are the way to go to keep viewers’ attention to content.   Give me the subject, I’ll create the animation with voice. You can upload the finished product to your YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or anywhere. I’ll also add a link to your web page to keep potential customers on your site.

Various Projects

I love doing cold voiced and voice with background music for numerous clients. They range from Real Estate agents, HOA’s, Grand Openings, new website introductions, and more.